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The Distance EP

by The Ocean Hours

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I’m taking a step towards the door, towards where we began No longer the closest of friends Too many words unsaid, and all the wrong ones got through Not understanding me, not understanding you So take your time Don’t even let me cross your mind Don’t worry about me, I’m fine That’s a lie, but it works for now Don’t know where to go, don’t want to make a mistake Stop saying that I am the one who’s to blame We’re heading towards unknowns that we can’t see today Pressure’s rising, and I need to get away I need some time But you’ll always be on my mind Don’t worry about me, I’m fine That’s a lie, but it works for now Looking back at your tired face There are so many things we can’t erase Maybe someday we’ll heal the hurt But today we go as our paths diverge When you’re ready, Won’t you meet me At the fork in the road So take your time (I wish we hadn’t parted ways) Don’t even let me cross your mind (The path ahead just isn’t straight) Don’t worry about me, I’m fine (This doesn’t feel right) That’s a lie, but it works for now (But it works for now)
Flamethrower 03:22
I was whirling down 58 And your heart was in my way Never thought you’d take me in and ask me to stay I’d been roaming and found a home in your arms Wasn’t long til The smoke set in and you pulled the fire alarm I’m a flamethrower baby And we both keep getting burned I try so hard but maybe I’ve got too much too learn Because you’re a spark and all my veins Are flowing with gasoline And it’s far too much For our young hearts And all you can do is leave me. I’ve got ghosts From coast to coast Of all the things I’ve left behind I don’t want another sad memory Haunting my mind But you were different And if we’re meant To someday work this out We’ve got a put some highway in between Before I burn it all down Don’t want to burn you anymore Don’t want to hurt you like I did before No more tired eyes From teary fights And sleepless nights Lying awake and wondering Is this right? We both knew when we saw the fire ignite
Walking back through bitter winter No cars on this quiet road No letters yet I keep checking for a piece of you to come by post I ring you up across the country Don’t know the time change, I think it’s 4 My heart skips right on beat As I hear you say hello I can hardly hear you But darlin don't hang up the phone You know all I want is to be near you Just don't give up don't give hope We try to figure out the distance Two lives barely tethered now Different lives different directions And neither wants to turn around Avoiding ending conversation These sad goodbyes, you hang up first separate lives until I ring you All the distance is the worst I can hardly hear you But darlin don't hang up the phone I’ll do what it takes to see you Just don't give up don't give hope You took a flight to my apartment We made an omelette when you arrived Fighting forward without fighting Trying to see through the others eyes Darlin while you’re here I hear you And I wish you didn’t have to go You know all I want is to be near you Just don't give up don't give hope
I should know by now better than to let my mind race Spiraling, imagining catastrophe erase The careful outlines of the trust I pencilled in For rainy days convenient faith, but tonight it’s wearing thin So hold me tight you know that I can’t find the way I should know by now that nothing's gonna scare you away But all the while thoughts running wild with all the ways I fail to measure up to expectations and keep you safe Not sure I’ll have the strength for two in these darker days Hold tight and you and I will remember the way I should know by now the morning light is not far away But these questions mark the story arc, reality gives way To dreams simulating situations I can’t leave Dragging out every doubt I thought I’d buried deep, Hold tight and you and I will remember the way Each night the darkened sky left us afraid Your hand in mine crying as we prayed But everytime we woke another day another grace Another promise you kept safe And see that In the end we’re right back where we started Never left unguarded to our fates I should know by now but now and then my hand starts to shake But it’s brighter now, were stepping off the edge of what’s been paved
Home 03:02
I couldn't wait to get back home to tell you I think I finally hear your voice above the noise I’ll buy a car we can chase that dream down Nothing can stop us now from kicking down the door I think I see now Just how lucky we are How lucky we are We’ll make it through to times of smoother sailing let the past be in the past, and make it work I couldn’t tell you what is yet before us But I’ve a feeling that we’ll love it all the more The road’s been hard but it’s made us who we are Hold my hand and wait for sunrise laughing through the dark I wouldn’t trade this for the world babe, and it’s just the start We were so young Our lungs full of the sea breeze But it was real love We had all we needed The only thing that’s changed Is the smile lines we’ve gained So forget both our phones Put everything on hold And let all of the world go As you pull the covers over me We’ll run and jump into the rush no telling where we’ll go It doesn’t matter where we end up, with you I’m home.


The Distance EP is for anyone acquainted with the sorrows and joys of being apart from a loved one.


released July 1, 2019

Sarah Waters - vocals, synth bass
Nick Waters - vocals, drum programming, synths, keyboards, bass
Chris Waters - guitars
Justin Waters - drums

Andrew Picha - drums on "Flamethrower"

Engineered by Nick and Chris Waters
Produced by The Ocean Hours
Mixed and mastered by Chris Waters
Cover art by Sarah Waters


all rights reserved



The Ocean Hours Connecticut

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